The quality of the leasing team can make the difference between a good lease and a great lease. TICPM's professional leasing team brings more than just space options and pricing information to prospective tenants.  Each professional offers sound and strategic advice and is seasoned, experienced and market tested.

TICPM's leasing strategy is proactive with a strong emphasis on broker relationships.  We cater to the local markets and offer incentives and flexibility to stay competitive.  Leasing is managed and supervised by a TICPM Officer in partnership with market leasing experts located in each property's submarket.  This team approach allows a focus on the ultimate goal: fully leased properties with maximized rental revenue.


Lease Administration and Management

  • Maximize rental revenue through strategic leasing and analysis
  • Proactively track and manage lease-related critical dates
  • Obtain market knowledge by using local best-in-class broker partners
  • Develop long-term relationships with decision makers
  • Monitor and adjust to changing market conditions
  • Seek best transaction terms on an asset-by-asset basis
  • Survey competitive leasing landscape (financial and physical)
  • Establish marketing strategies with broker partners